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    Wow what an adventure at the Division 6 ET Finals at Spokane! The track grip was awesome and the NHRA team kept the racing action going. I sucked losing to a red light in the race-of-champions (round two in sled/bike and the other three sleds for WW went out with a red eye). Today (Sunday) I lost at squeaker at the finish line in first round of the team race.

    However the rest of the team did pretty well going rounds with Amber Meadows making it all the way to the semis in Junior Lightening during the race-of-champions! During the team race again I was a spectator after round one but the team racked up points and I think as a team we finish 4th or 5th, which I think is the best we have ever done. This will give us better team parking at the division race next year at Woodburn. Late round players were Marshall, Peters, Packer, and Tim Watts.

    The ladies (special thanks to Cheryl) got together and did a fifties theme with poodle skirts, saddle shoes, and pony tails. It was pretty cool.

    Great meals and potlucks in the evening kept us all fed and WW track management had Martina McBride singing for us Saturday night (actually when racing was all over we could hear her concert at the casino).

    Near champion Amber Meadows

    Janet riding (this is what she named the sled) "her old boyfriend" the sled we threw together Thursday night rolling into the racetrack at 1:00 AM... on Sunday's breakout the sled had been running low elevens but last run was a 10.988 in the heat of the day... go figure

    A little over 60 bikes and sleds... Janet waiting her time to run


    The "poodle girls" of Walla Walla... posing in front of Jonnie's chevy.


    The prettiest poodle girl at the races!!!
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