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    Hey all... we are back in the Valley... had to cut our trip to the Arctic Circle short due to a malfunction in our sprinkler system that flooded the lower floor in our home. Insurance is going to cover but it is thousands of dollars in damage. The really sad thing is our golden retriever, "Copper" jumped into the water and was killed by electric shock. However we feel blessed as two steps behind her was one of our sons and when he saw her go down did not enter the water. Apparently the water was in contact with a freezer motor, did not trip the breaker and that is what got her. I am spending the day replacing the older breakers with GFI units... this could have been so much worse! Our black lab (who loves water but has been educated with an electric fence) was out all day but never put a toe in the water... poor Copper did not know better).

    We are hoping to be able to come to the track this weekend... so don't give our space away (Mike has new parts to fix his sled... clutch was broke thus the slow runs)...and he really wants to go faster since Janet dipped into the fives...
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